For 2015 – I have big plans.

Happy New Year!


2015 HAS to be better than 2014. It just has to be. But you know who’s fault it is that 2014 was as hard/sucky/shitty/stressful as it was? Well, I’m not going to takeĀ all of the blame…but I certainly hold a high percentage of the blame. But you know what? 2015 is NOT going to be like that.

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The Boob Juice Debate

Dear J,

Someday I hope that you can look back at this and read about all of the fun/quirky/exciting things of your childhood. But, today, I’m going to talk about the boob juice. I’m sure your teenage-self will get embarrassed, but get over yourself…it’s a fact of life, and you’re welcome for giving you nourishment. =)

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