They call him Tator Salad.

So, how was your weekend? Good? I bet not as good as mine….

We typically use our weekends to complete the normal chores: grocery shopping, cleaning the house, completing mounds of laundry, and lounging about. On Saturday, we headed to Target to try to find a baby gate big enough to contain the small, yet extremely fast, baby. As a family of five, it is no small feat to get us all out of the house and to our destination relatively unscathed.

After a not-so-successful shopping trip (but J did get sneakers, so there’s that), we all loaded back into our vehicle to head to the grocery store. The big kids clamored in and got buckled, Husband took the baby to hook into the car seat, and I took the shopping cart back to the corral.

We took off down the highway when Husband suggested a stop at TJMaxx. Be still my heart. Why yes, dear Husband, I would love to go to TJMaxx. As we pulled into a parking space, I casually said, “Husband, did you grab my purse out of the shopping cart?”  Continue reading “They call him Tator Salad.”