Like a dog with a bone.


It’s Monday….every child is back in his/her rightful classroom and out of each other’s hair. We tried to keep as much of a routine as possible, but weren’t always the most successful at that. But, the kids were fed, dressed (mostly), and clean (sort of). I’m going to just call that a win.

When I was growing up, I used to be on the more obsessive side when it came to asking for things. If I asked my mom for a new CD, for example, and she said “yes” or “maybe,” I wouldn’t let it go until I knew exactly when I would acquire said CD. Mom would “lovingly” say I was like a dog with a bone…I just would not give up. I even tried this tactic on the times when she would say “no,” but that never went as well. Nowadays, mom describes that period of my life as me being very tenacious…it sounds better then needy, or nagging. Ironically, being asked the same question over and over, is one of my biggest pet peeves. And, even though it bugs me so much, I am still sometimes guilty in this department.

Because it is one of my pet peeves, I have been graced with not one, but two, of my darling children that are just as tenacious. Jury is still out on the third…he doesn’t talk yet.

When we discovered that we were going to be rounding out our family, we had discussed building a room in our attic for A. It has a full staircase and tall ceilings and it was going to be perfect. We just needed the funds to make that happen. It certainly didn’t stop A from asking (repeatedly) about when we would build her room, what it would look like, what the timeline is, etc. Husband and I made the decision that with our tax return this year, it would go toward building her room. Then, J would move into her old room, and the baby would be moved out of our room and into J’s old room.

Well, February vacation ended with Husband making the call to Code Enforcement to get the details on what they would need for a building permit. This was after weeks of me being very “dog with a bone” in asking him to make the call. Unfortunately, the news was not what I wanted….we are not going to be able to build that room for her. I was crushed. I had my heart set on it. I had even envisioned that room being built back when we were first house shopping.

Now, we’ve moved onto creative mode….baby absolutely cannot stay in our room forever. A is going to be 13 this summer and inevitably will not be living with us forever. So, Husband and I discussed that we would switch their rooms. A would go in the smaller bedroom and the two boys will share A’s old room. However, we will keep the baby in with us until he is sleeping through the night (yes, I know, I’m shocked too that my 10 month old is still waking all the time..I am not pleased).

I was really nervous that A was going to be majorly bummed since this was really impacting all of our plans. But, to sweeten the deal, we told her we would purchase her a loft bed to make it “cool” and give more space, a new light fixture, new curtains, and let her paint it however she wants. Well, she LOVES the idea…she is absolutely pumped (thank goodness).

The rest of vacation was spent researching loft beds…finding one locally and ordering it, going to Lowe’s a million times, obsessing about paint colors, and her drawing up multiple versions of how she can arrange her room…down to what she is going to put on what shelf.

J has picked out his paint colors too…and the bunk beds he wants when Baby L gets a bit bigger.


So, my friends, stay tuned….we’ve got a lot of room shifting, painting, carpeting of our finished basement (can afford that now that we aren’t building a room), and much more in the coming weeks.



3 thoughts on “Like a dog with a bone.

  1. Wow, so exciting about all these room projects. That’s pretty cool. What color did A choose for her room? A loft bed sounds great, and you and I had fun with our metal bunkbeds in Gorham for a time. Sorry you can’t turn the attic into a bedroom. At least you’ll be able to carpet the cellar, so maybe turn that into extra space? You’re smart and can work well in your space. I remember you loved rearranging your own room frequently! Hope L can sleep through the night soon. It’s great that the kids are back in school, too. I read all your blog posts and have fun keeping on your life. Mine is pretty routine: lots of writing, lots of music, lots of movies, up real late. Maybe I could head up there this spring at some point to see everyone and be an extra helping hand? Let me know what you think. I can bring food, too, like those dino things from Whole Foods. 🙂 love, Meg

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