My funny valentine.

February 14.

The day when you are supposed to express your undying love for those who mean something to you. Whelp, I’ve never really thought much about Valentine’s Day. I’m not a huge fan of candy/chocolate. Oh, and I’m allergic to flowers. So, for me, the “traditional” gifts for Valentine’s Day don’t really do it for me. And, I’m one of “those” who think that if you love someone, you shouldn’t only show it on the day that you are “supposed” to…

I find more joy now in helping my wee ones give and get Valentine’s. I like to find little lame trinkets and chocolates…oh, and have to have cards. I just love cards. If I never got another present again and only got cards (handmade or purchased), I would be happy.

This year, when it came to picking out Valentine’s for J to share with his class, I turned to Pinterest. Basically, J does better when sugar is kept to a minimum, and, I have to imagine that he is not the only 5-year-old child who is like this. So, we trekked to the dollar store and he was able to choose something to give out. I wanted him to have full ownership of the project, but I did put the kibosh on giving out ninja nun-chucks to everyone. Second choice: crayons.

hard at work
hard at work

And, thanks to trusty Pinterest, I found a cute little note he could attach. Now, sometimes-perfectionist-me, wanted to either print them out and he could just sign his name, OR, I could write it in pencil, and he could trace. But, J decided that he would write them himself. This was the appropriate course of action considering he is learning to read and write….and I did my damnedest not to try to take over and let him do it.

And, why spend $3 on a box of Valentine’s from the grocery store, when you can spend $20 on crayons for everyone! ha!



And they turned out

As for my Valentine’s with my guy? Well, he tested positive for the flu and is quarantined in our spare bedroom….so there’s that.



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