Oh hello, it’s me again.

So, you know when you have all the best intentions to do something, but then you don’t? No? I’m alone on this one? I’m calling a giant BS on that one. Well, this blog was my best intention. I like to write. I like to document the silly little nothings that happen and be able to look back and reminisce. And, I like that I get to be as talkative as I want here and am not filling up your Facebook feed with my nonsense.

But, then life happens.

And then more life happens.

And then it gets to the point where you embarrassingly look at your blog and realize that we are closing in on TWO YEARS since you last posted. Wow. Well, if you are still with me, I’m recommitting. Let’s be honest though, I may fall off the wagon again, but, you know what? I’m not perfect and it won’t be the end of the world. (Obviously since this isn’t the first time I’ve disappeared….look here and here).

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Husband and I celebrated our ten-year wedding anniversary in October (2017). Not too shabby for two young kids (I was 22)…and I think that’s a super cool thing, considering I’m only 27 😉
  • A is currently 12, growing beautifully and is in 7th grade. She is full of creativity, humor, and smarts. Oh, and last year she broke her arm when she decided to be a cheerleader and was dropped…benching her for the rest of the season. But, kudos to her for getting back on the horse and being a cheerleader again this year. She full-on knows to go to her bio-mom for all things hair related because I am still useless in this department.
  • J is currently 5 (not sure how that happened), and is in his first year of school: kindergarten. He is FUNNY, loving, still a cuddlebug, and thoroughly enjoys pestering A.
  • DSC_0311
    Littlest man on Thanksgiving (at 6 mos)

    Oh, and one other tiny thing happened…..we had another baby! (what? gurrrl, you crazy). Yes, I know. Baby L is a dream. He is currently 9 mos. old, has his mama’s baby blues, and adores his older sibs. Currently overachieving at teething (3, possibly 4, coming in at once) and I’m having PTSD to those sleepness nights that were oh-so-common with J (like here.)

It’s already 2018. Time is a-flying. I promise to try to be better.

What you can expect from here on out: stories, pictures, real-life, maybe recipes? (but let’s be honest, probably not), and basic antics of a life with three kids, a dog, a cat (she’s newish), and working fulltime.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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