Sneaky Veggies (the best kind)

Kids are weird.

What is sometimes okay to eat, very often turns into something that is extremely “yucky.” Not sure how that happens…maybe it is the most common used method of torture.

Shell hunting in Bar Harbor requires lots of energy!!

As parents, it is our responsibility to not feed crap to our kids all the time. A was a super-eater. She never balked at meat-based protein or veggies or anything. She was just happy eating. However, she LOVED yogurt. If she saw yogurt before she had finished her supper, she would immediately stop eating, refusing to take another bite, and start squawking until she got the yogurt. I guess there are worse things.

Now, J, on the other hand, is a completely different beast. He is not a meat-eater. He doesn’t mind the high sodium varieties: hot dogs, ham, or kielbasa, but chicken, turkey, or beef, um, hell no. He will not be touching it. It’s fine, we don’t push it. But, one thing I will not waiver on is veggies.

I put veggies in everything. Mind you, J does eat most vegetables: corn (yes, I know it’s technically a grain), corn, green beans, peas, etc., but I like to shove in even more veggies, if possible.

I think I have a problem.

Husband thinks I have a problem…he has been known to ask if we can just eat a normal meal, without me hiding extra veggies. Example: I am known to put in butternut squash pureed into my homemade mac n’ cheese. Or, the shepherd’s pie I made last night had carrots, onions, celery, green beans, and then Husband tried to intercept before I threw in corn (I won, by the way). My take is no one ever died on having too many veggies. I love ’em, all of ’em and I’m trying to get my kids to be veggie lovers too.

Heaven in frozen-food form.

On a recent trip to the Whole Foods in Portland, we discovered Dr. Praeger’s frozen dinosaur things. There are different flavors of these wonderous treats, including broccoli littles, one that has spinach, and other ones that are sweet potatoes. What is also a bonus about these frozen goodies: I can read all of the ingredients, I understand what they are, and there is nothing sketchy added to them.

Well, J LOVES these. So, on any given night, when he is not eating meat, a meal for him may include cheese, rice, roasted carrots, and then these little broccoli dinosaurs (please note, J does NOT eat broccoli…unless he doesn’t know it’s there….insert evil laugh). This discovery allows me to give him extra servings of veggies that we just refer to as “dinosaurs,” and he thinks he is getting a treat. Win, win!

Do you sneak extra veggies in everything? Do you get away with it?

** Full disclosure: no one asked me to boast about Dr. Praeger’s…I truly just think they’re awesome.

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