Ok, well, I’m not….but I’m sure someone, somewhere is. Well, actually, I know someone who is and I am SO EXCITED.

It has been 9-months since my last post and I am SO awful. Terrible. Can’t believe that I have been in hiatus for the amount of time that I could have been pregnant. And, I know I’ve said it before, but I will be making this a priority. In fact, it is one of my “chores.”

Being my “chore” means it is my responsibility to make sure I keep myself accountable. The truth is, I like to write and this gives me the opportunity to keep up with life…and it’s been fun with the posts I have done in the past to reread and relive the memories.

The list – don’t judge my drawings…little man can’t read yet.

This is also my “chore” because this past weekend we implemented a “chore chart” for the kids. So, my blog is on my list. Some other things that should be on my list:

  1. Attempt to be a morning person (don’t laugh Husband). Sometimes I feel like I miss out on the household bustle because I can’t drag myself out bed. I will compromise with myself by at least using either Saturday OR Sunday to steal some extra zzzz’s.
  2. Be more active. I love the outdoors and now that it is (sort of) Spring, I plan to put more movement in my daily life. Starting with walking. On days that I am not bringing my daughter to school, I plan to walk J to daycare and then continue on and walk to work. There is no reason (besides crap weather) why I should be driving when I live so close-ish to work.

OK – back to the chore chart. I’m being realistic with my chores…too much and chances are I will just flake out (again).

The goods.

Both kids have been assigned age-appropriate chores. Last weekend, as a family, we discussed what the chores would be, assigned points, and hung the list in a general area so the kids could see their responsibilities. Then, we took a family trip to Toys R Us for each kiddo to pick out a prize. J, try to act shocked, picked out a new Lego set that features trucks. A, on the other hand, decided against Legos for this round (which actually was a surprise). She decided on some fake fish…well, robotic fish. They are fish that you put into real water and they swim around….like fish…..and when you take them out of water, they stop. She has an empty fish tank, so this is a way that she can have fish again and I don’t have another mouth to feed.

What I didn’t expect by all of this was the attitude that came along with it….I expected some resistance and I expected that the little one would not “get it” right away…and may throw some ‘tude towards the whole thing. However, I was shocked when the little one understood having to earn points and the big one was pissy that she couldn’t have her fake fish right away. Nice try, little miss. You don’t do one day of chores and get a prize…that’s not how life works. Good luck with that one.

We are almost a week in….we will see how this next weekend goes. It is a nice motivator having the toys on top of the fridge with a running point tally. The kids can see what they are working for…and it’s nice for us because the chores are being done without much resistance AND we have a motivator for them to be decent human beings to each other.

So far the kids are doing well with their chores…now let’s see how well I do with mine.


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