Forty forty

Oh, you don’t know what “forty forty” is? Apparently it is a unit of measurement….but also can be the time of day. This all, of course, is from the mind of a too-soon-to-be 3-year-old little man.

First thing in the morning, as he is climbing into our bed and I am reaching for my phone to see what time it is:

Jbug – Whatcha doing, mama?

Seeing what time it is…

Jbug – It’s forty forty


Or, playing with the tape measure, he pulls it out, places it against our coffee table and proudly proclaims that our table is, “forty forty.” No idea where this came from, but I love it.

Things have been quite hectic as we gear into warmer weather (thank the freakin’ lord). A is playing softball and (seems) to be really enjoying it and J recently started swim lessons. We wanted to make sure he was more comfortable in the water this year as we will be spending most of our free time around water….and he LOVES it. I guess a year really does make a difference. Last year, he was very timid and didn’t want to splash or jump in….this year, whole new kid.

Before swim....
Before swim….
....and after! (sorry that it's blurry!)
….and after! (sorry that it’s blurry!)

Hmmm….what else is new….oh remember when I made plans for myself of what I wanted to accomplish this year? If you don’t, you can recap here. So, you may be asking how I am doing….(or maybe not…who the hell knows what you are thinking).

Well, overall I haven’t done much. Ok – that’s a lie. I am working harder in the sense of focusing on my family more. At my ACTUAL job? Still room for improvement.

And, I haven’t been doing so well with NOT looking at the scale. I have been trying to eat better and in the past three weeks have really made an effort of getting my ass in gear (but have only seen the scale dip 6 lbs.) Oh well, still a minor victory…at least it didn’t go up! ha!

I do make more from scratch (made homemade BBQ sauce and from-scratch biscuits for dinner last week) and I do try to focus on the good. Oh, and there certainly has been plenty of laughter.

Still to do: need to try that one new thing. Oh wait! That’s not entirely true….I did try an Aerial Yoga class and it was AMAZING….will definitely be doing that again.

How are you all doing? Have you been sticking to your goals or is it time to refocus on them?

One more thing I’m doing: I am going to delete the Facebook App from my phone. I have the opportunity to look at Facebook at work, or can use the new-fangled thing known as a laptop (or the iPad) to check it if I REALLY feel the need at home….but I think it is just one more way that I can be more focused on my home life.

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