Chicken Butt

Scene: Bangor, Maine

Time: 5:15ish a.m.

creeeeeeeeaaaaak SLAM…..pat pat pat pat……SLAM.

I rearrange the pillows and move over while Jude climbs into bed with us…as he does every.single.morning. Through the drooley binkie:

J – “Hi Mumma.”

“It’s early lovie, try to go back to sleep.”

J – “OK.”



3.5 minutes later

J – “Guess what?”


J – “Chicken butt.”

I giggle….hey, it’s early and we have (obviously) taught this important life lesson and end-all-be-all to the question, ‘guess what?’

He giggles.

J – “Guess what more else?”


J – “MORE chicken butt!”

I giggle some more….followed by his giggles.

J – even louder, “Guess what more else, Mama!?!?”



At this point I can’t stop laughing….Husband does a heavy sigh and I just know he is shaking his head slowly at us. Jude is in full belly laugh.

After a few moments ….

J – “Ahhh, five chicken butt….that’s hilarious.”

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