Another year older

All of my babies are July babies.


May 2014
May 2014

It’s hard to believe that I now have a 2-year-old, a 3-year-old (our dog, Bailey), and a 9-year-old! How is this even possible? I’m not old enough to have two human babies that are 2 and 9. Summer is in full swing and A has already been on multiple away-from-home vacations. She started with her second annual trip to Georgia, then met us in Pennsylvania at Hershey Park to celebrate her and J’s birthdays, and is now in PEI with her mom. I’m tired just thinking of all the car time she has had but also excited for all of these adventures for her.

Jude is two!
J is two!

The rundown:


Age: 2

Nicknames: Jman, the Jster, Bud, Wildman, Mr. Man

Likes: strawberries (well really any fruit), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Baby George, Thomas the Train, playing outside, going for walks, riding his tricycle with A, doing anything that A is doing, snuggling, throwing things, binkie

Books: My Truck is Stuck, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Digger Dozer Dumper, Little Blue Truck

Dislikes: eating supper, being without binkie, any meat protein (unless it is undetectable), having his clothes changed

Skills: sings (ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Hey Jude), puts together long sentences that are in context, full-body hugger, climber extraordinaire.


Alyx is 9!
A is 9!


Age: 9

Nicknames: Peanut, Fruit Cake, Munchkin, Little Miss

Likes: playing with Bailey, soccer, Monster High, art, horses, playing outdoors, going for walks, watching movies (favorite now: Frozen), being in the water, doing science experiments

Books: iffy right now. Although she says she likes reading, rarely is she caught in the act.

Dislikes: strawberries, putting away laundry.

Skills: can draw anything, keeping J entertained, kick a goal left-footed, kind, thoughtful, super smart.



Age: 3

This is how she sleeps.
This is how she sleeps.









Nicknames: Bailey-Doo

Likes: playing with J and A, chewing things she is not supposed to, taking up the bed, being outside, running, eggs, sleeping or looking out the window on the landing, barking at nothing

Dislikes: not being taken on walks/rides



Happy Birthday to my babies. I love you all very, very much and cannot imagine our crazy life being any different.

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