No bears.

“No bears.” If you have been around my son at any point within the past month+, this is a familiar phrase. “Mama, no bears.” “No Jman, there are no bears.” And then he goes about his merry way. What the hell?

Making a mess @ 20 mos

J is an early-riser. Has been since day one. Husband and I have a pretty good routine that I’ve mentioned before: I do night duty (no matter how many times, I’m up with J in the night) and Husband does morning duty. Good. Fine. It works.

In the wee hours of the morning, I used to be able to hear J saying “chase you” as he and Daddy would run around downstairs saying “rawr” with their hands in the air. Very playful, very innocent.

Then one day, J started saying “no bears.” He didn’t want anyone to act like a bear. He didn’t want to act like a bear. However, he has bear stuffed animals, and those are okay.

Weeks went by and we were baffled as to why the sudden fear/hatred/angst towards bears. Then….it all came to light…

At school (aka daycare), the teachers and toddlers would play “Going on a Bear Hunt.” This has been loved by all toddlers…but apparently, my toddler, and many toddlers in his class are not fans. School plays a lot of music and anytime the teachers head to the CD player, J is right there with “no bears.”

Yes J, you are right….there are no bears. And, thanks to Grampy, they’ve been thrown in the woods.


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