Mama Coffee

Riding around in a box with my bear

When we lived in Hampden, A drew a picture. At the time, J-man wasn’t around/thought-of. She drew our house, a tree, Husband, me, and herself. Husband was drawn wearing a baseball hat and holding a mug of coffee. I was drawn smiling wide, holding a glass of wine.

Kids…so honest.

At that moment, I realized I probably shouldn’t be having a glass of wine after work often enough that would influence her to draw me holding a wine glass. Since then, Husband and I don’t drink too much in front of the kids (not that we drink a lot anyways). So, depending on how rough the day is, the wine/beer waits until after the kids go to bed.

Yummy watermelon!

Fast forward to today (well, not literally today)….but we still hold this same notion. I’m glad we’ve stuck with it….because A was very much aware of things going on around her and we only have her part-time. J notices EVERYTHING. Each morning, he helps Husband make “mama coffee.” He watches as Husband changes the little k-cup, pushes the button, and as the coffee fills the mug and steam comes bellowing out.

So, to keep on our commitment of not drinking in front of the kiddos…on those particularly trying days, the wine goes in the coffee mug. Yes, J, that is “mama coffee.”

I’m determined that in the next family drawing, I will be holding a coffee mug along with daddy!

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