Hi, have we met?

Well, hello there stranger. Every time I think “holy hell, I need to do a blog post” something else happens that steals my time and then more time passes. Damn. Well, I’m getting back on the train: pre-New Year’s Resolution. I don’t know what is happening but my family has entered some sort of a time warp where things are just FLYING by. Then other days I am just staring at the clock until it’s time for the kids to go to bed.

Goofing Off
Goofing Off

Here is the lowdown: J is 16 months old. He started walking at about 13 months and I am doing everything in my power just to keep up. I know that when you have more than one child chances are they will NOT be carbon copies of each other. And why would you want that? But life is SO different with this toddler than our last experience. With A, we never had to baby proof the house. We put a hair tie (seriously) around the doorknobs of the under-the-sink stuff, told her not to touch, and that was it. With J, we have had to bolt everything down. All of the cabinets have those lock things on them and I think our under-the-sink supplies are now parent-proof too. Can’t ever get the damn thing open!

Plus, he will not. sit. still. A, you could sit and read a story with, do a puzzle, or just snuggle. The moment little man’s eyes ping open in the morning he is go. Go. GO! But man, is he funny. He has such a personality and knows when he is making you laugh. He does nothing but love (in between the hitting) and just wants to be where everyone is. He is such a joy and I am a better person and a better mom because of him.

Stomping in leaves at the park
Stomping in leaves at the park
Family minus Judeman
Family minus Jman

Then there’s A. She is sprinting through third grade. Just got the report card and as expected, is exceeding all expectations. But, there is the sneaky/talkative side. One remark we are constantly getting from teachers is she talks too much. My mom may have heard that a time or two while I was in school…okay, let’s be honest…all the way through seventh grade. Oh, and here’s a fun one: she has this pair of Monster High leggings that there is NO WAY in HELL I would ever let her wear out of the house. One day, knowing that this would not be okay…wore them under her jeans, then took her jeans off at school and just wore those! Seriously?!?!?!?! Husband was unimpressed…I didn’t let A see my smiles/laughs because I was just as guilty of doing stuff like that when I was her age. Maybe it’s just a girl thing?

Tubby-time in the sink at camp!
Tubby-time in the sink at camp!

Life since J’s birth has been one crazy ride. I have two great kids…a brat of a dog…and a loving Husband that puts up with us all. Time is going by at lightening-speed and I am trying to soak in every minute.

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