Sleep training – night 4.

Too cool to be one
Too cool to be one

J is a year old. Wow. And with each day that has passed since, I still cannot even believe it. Well, being one also means that he had to have his wellness check up. So Friday morning, Husband and I loaded him up and away we went! Husband had to come because I knew there would be vaccinations and I am a wuss. I am not a fan of having to hold him while he gets poked.

Our doctors office is great..always starting the visit with any questions/concerns we may have.  Our first question: can we switch him to a forward facing car seat. Well, he only weighed in at 19 lbs and 4 oz so until he hits 20 lbs he has to stay backwards. He is 29.5 inches long and growing strong! He eats everything in sight…so we will see what we can do to boost up his calories even more.

Second question: J has been night weaned for about a month (or so) and is still waking 47 million times a night. Ok, I might be slightly exaggerating but man, it seriously feels like that some nights. The problem is me…if you remember when I talked about all of my hypocritical parenting here, I was against bringing baby into bed. Well, if you hadn’t noticed…it’s been a year….and we STILL aren’t sleeping. So, in those wee hours of the morning when I’m just too damned tired to keep getting up, I would eventually bring him to bed with us. He would (almost) immediately lie right down and go to sleep. Doctor said…he’s a smart little dude. Ok, she didn’t exactly say it like that but you get the point. She said he is going to continue waking multiple times until I bring him into bed…because that is where he wants to be. So if it takes 5 times, 10 times, 180 million times, he will keep doing it if it gets him what he wants. Doctor said, stop bringing him into bed and eventually he will stop waking.

Helping Daddy build my new toy
Helping Daddy build my new toy

Last night was night four. After our appointment, I immediately started that night with “sleep” training. I do not believe in cry it out….well, except for right now (it’s 7:33 p.m. on night five and he is just going to town on the tears because he’s being stubborn and is normally asleep by 6:30 or 7). I’ve done a modified version..some tears yes, but rock until drowsy, put to bed, stay until asleep. Then as he wakes in the night…I do NOT pick him up. Just lay him back down, hand on back, until he goes to sleep. Last night was better than night three. But, last night did result in him being up from 2 to 3 a.m. But the schedule was like this:

6 p.m. – bath

6:15 – bottle

6:20 – rock until drowsy & put in crib

6:24 – OUT

10:30 – wake

10:45 – wake

2 to 3 – wake

5 a.m. – wake

6:15 a.m. – awake for the day. Jealous yet? You should be…because not sleeping is AWESOME.

But, you’ll be happy to know, for the past four nights I have stayed strong…J has not made his way into bed. Every book/blog/etc says that it doesn’t matter which method you choose but consistency is key. So here I am, being consistent.

Well, it’s now 7:40 p.m. he is still awake…maybe I’ll sleep someday. I’m thinking today is not that day. Wish me luck for tonight!

Proof that I can sleep
Proof that I can sleep

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