A Hillbilly No More


tubby time!
tubby time!

It’s official. Little man is no longer rocking the “hillbilly” smile. That other top front tooth has finally cut through (after lots of high fevers/no sleep episodes). I’m thankful that part is over…but am missing that little lopsided, toothy grin.

And with this new tooth comes even more developmental milestones: he is “crab crawling” all around the house. Last week my mum laughed when she saw him scoot around because, apparently, it is EXACTLY the same way that I got around. Is crawling-style hereditary? Poor kid….might mean that he will tie his shoes doing the “bunny ear” method too. Don’t judge me…that’s still how I tie mine.

As I look at today’s date, it is hard for me to believe that in two weeks, Jman will be one. How did that happen? There have been lots of giggles, hugs, tears (both his and mine), and sleepless nights. Would I change any of it? Absolutely not.  And, my dear A has completed her second year of school…now officially a third grader. Where did that time go? When my husband and I started dating, she was a mere seven months old. Now – she’s off gallivanting in Savannah, GA visiting “Nannie and Pop.” We miss her, but she is having the time of her life! So excited for her and for her to be able to have this experience.

So, as I reflect on (almost) a year gone by, I have a few confessions/realizations. (1) J’s nursery is STILL not done. Whoops. Maybe that’s what I’ll do this weekend, but there are still no pictures hung on his walls. Good thing: he won’t remember. (2) I don’t know if I’m strong enough for sleep training. I’m reading “Good Night, Sleep Tight” and using “gentle” techniques to try and help him to learn to fall asleep on his own. But each night, I still just want to hold him and rock him as he dozes because in those moments life is just completely perfect. (3) A is almost 8. She is smart, funny, witty, beautiful, and turning out to be a pretty fantastic person. It is so much fun to watch her grow, learn, discover, and develop into her own person. I only wish we had her more.

I am so fortunate for this life. I have a great home, two wonderful kids, and pretty awesome Husband. Plus, I LOVE my job. How often does one person get to be this lucky?

Ok, ok…it’s not all rainbows and lollipops: we caught J with dog food in his mouth this week. So there’s that…

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