The Teething Table

nom nom nom
nom nom nom

This table has been well loved….and well chewed on, by many babies. It is the perfect height. Little fingers can easily reach the edge and pull up to standing position. And the excitement that each baby experiences! With every baby that comes into our home, you live vicariously through them as they reach this developmental milestone. And now it’s our baby’s turn. Oh! And what a fun game it is…we pull up…we sit down…we pull up…we inch along the table….and then we chew. Ahh, teething.

I love my son dearly.

However, teething continues to be my nemesis. The poor little guy cannot seem to catch a break. It seems since he was about four months old, it has been one tooth after another….or working on getting the tooth to come down. He is still only rocking four teeth and the hillbilly smile that I talked about last week. But that other front tooth is just on the cusp of breaking through. I will be relieved when it happens…but only for about 30 seconds because I know it will not be long before we start on the next tooth.

I love my table
I love my table

The reason why I hate teething so much: most importantly what it does to my son. He is just miserable. His mouth is swollen and he wants to be glued to my side at all times. But, selfishly I HATE teething because on top of his misery, I experience my own. He doesn’t sleep. I think I got MAYBE an hour last night. And then started my new job today. Awesome.

Oh, by the way, I started a new job today! You are looking (well, technically reading) at the new Director of Marketing and Development for the public library. I am so honored and excited about this new opportunity. My month of unemployment was great and went by too fast, but I could’t be happier with this next chapter.

I had a great first day…but I am not sure I really remember it since I am so sleep deprived that I think the entire day passed by me while I was in a fog. Hopefully tonight little man can get some sleep…so that I can sleep. Zzzzz.

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