So last night Husband and I were having dinner with friends. These close friends of ours also have kids so we get to share a lot of woes, struggles, laughs, and tears with them. The normal routine when we have dinner is we put the kids to bed then we can actually have adult conversation. The Jster goes to bed earlier than the others so pretty much right when we get there, I start the bed time dance.

Even though it is a strange place for him, I generally do not have too much of an issue putting him down. Last night he had different plans…he screamed. And screamed. And screamed.

Maybe completely unrelated, but we have started the weaning process. As many of you know, nursing has not been the easiest for me. But, being bound and determined (a.k.a. stubborn) I wanted to make it to at least a year. Over the past few weeks, our nursing relationship has dwindled. I don’t pump anymore (woot woot!) and have kept nursing to ONLY before bed. I still handle the complete bedtime routine and this was just part of it.

Well, last night…he rejected me.

He latched…he pushed away…he screamed. I switched sides and repeat.

Could this be the end?

A Hillbilly No More


tubby time!
tubby time!

It’s official. Little man is no longer rocking the “hillbilly” smile. That other top front tooth has finally cut through (after lots of high fevers/no sleep episodes). I’m thankful that part is over…but am missing that little lopsided, toothy grin.

And with this new tooth comes even more developmental milestones: he is “crab crawling” all around the house. Last week my mum laughed when she saw him scoot around because, apparently, it is EXACTLY the same way that I got around. Is crawling-style hereditary? Poor kid….might mean that he will tie his shoes doing the “bunny ear” method too. Don’t judge me…that’s still how I tie mine.

As I look at today’s date, it is hard for me to believe that in two weeks, Jman will be one. How did that happen? There have been lots of giggles, hugs, tears (both his and mine), and sleepless nights. Would I change any of it? Absolutely not.  And, my dear A has completed her second year of school…now officially a third grader. Where did that time go? When my husband and I started dating, she was a mere seven months old. Now – she’s off gallivanting in Savannah, GA visiting “Nannie and Pop.” We miss her, but she is having the time of her life! So excited for her and for her to be able to have this experience. Continue reading “A Hillbilly No More”

The Teething Table

nom nom nom
nom nom nom

This table has been well loved….and well chewed on, by many babies. It is the perfect height. Little fingers can easily reach the edge and pull up to standing position. And the excitement that each baby experiences! With every baby that comes into our home, you live vicariously through them as they reach this developmental milestone. And now it’s our baby’s turn. Oh! And what a fun game it is…we pull up…we sit down…we pull up…we inch along the table….and then we chew. Ahh, teething.

I love my son dearly.

However, teething continues to be my nemesis. The poor little guy cannot seem to catch a break. It seems since he was about four months old, it has been one tooth after another….or working on getting the tooth to come down. He is still only rocking four teeth and the hillbilly smile that I talked about last week. But that other front tooth is just on the cusp of breaking through. I will be relieved when it happens…but only for about 30 seconds because I know it will not be long before we start on the next tooth. Continue reading “The Teething Table”