Hold on to your butts….

First time in the swing at the park
First time in the swing at the park

That is seriously my favorite line from a movie. Ever. If you can’t place it, it’s from Jurassic Park.

Anywho…SORRY for the massive hiatus! Seems I’ve been super busy (even more so) being unemployed, than I have been with a job. So, WARNING: This is going to be a doozie of an update…so you can make the decision now to continue, or to just gaze at the cuteness to your left.

The Great Lost Bear
The Great Lost Bear

Where to begin: well, two weekends ago our mini-family took a trip down to Portland to visit with a past coworker of mine. I say “mini” because little Miss was not with us. My friend had to work (like most people do) so Husband and I made a day-long trip out of it, meeting up with her and her husband, later in the day. Husband had to “work” too. He had to drop off something to a coworker in Brunswick, so everything worked out marvelously.

Walking around the Old Port
Walking around the Old Port

We got to Portland around 11 and had to find Old Navy to purchase another hat for J. The one we had at home went missing…and, to save you the long, frustrating details, it took us an hour to find Old Navy. It had moved on us. We were super pissy.

Daddy and Jude
Daddy and J

BUT, found the store, bought the hat and went to The Great Lost Bear for lunch. J thought it was great! I realized that I hadn’t been to Portland in a YEAR. For those of you not from Maine or not familiar with the state, Portland is only about two hours from us. I hadn’t been since before Mr. Man was born….so it was LONG overdue.

After lunch we headed down to the Old Port and checked out another bar. Of course, J was the hit of the scene…saying “hi” to everyone who walked by and was loving seeing the boats in the harbor. He also loved seeing where the beer was brewed.

My handsome guys at lunch
My handsome guys at lunch

We had such a great time and J was AMAZING. He is a people-watcher like his Mama and was just taking in all of the sights. We met up with my friend and her husband at their home, had lots of yummy drinks and dinner and even took a dip in their hot tub. It was a much needed mini-vaca away from home.

Last weekend, little man and I took a trip down to Oxford to surprise my grandmother for her birthday. This is no easy feat since (1) she knows all; and (2) it’s a 2.5 hour trip one way…so it makes for a long day. It was definitely worth it to see the look on her face and to finally have her meet her great-grandson. J took to her quickly and loved spending time in her home.

With great-grammy
With great-grammy

During my blogging hiatus, J also experienced his first trip to Bar Harbor (where Husband and I got married) and we went to our good friends’ 3-year-old’s birthday party yesterday.

The biggest news I want to share is…..J IS CRAWLING!! Well, he’s been doing this scooch thing for awhile where he just semi-stands (legs straight, hands on floor) and rotates his butt to get where he wants. But yesterday at the birthday party, he had his eyes set on getting some playing cards and did a LEGITIMATE crawl to get them! It was awesome!

He is growing so fast. The school year is winding down for little miss and now we are in the swing of things for birthday-party planning. J will be 1 on the 4th of July, and A will be 8 (holy cow!) on July 8th. Needless to say, they will have a shared birthday party…easier for us, for family, and for our friends. We’ve got the theme and now it’s on to planning!

Happy Boy!
Happy Boy!

So: to our close friends and family (who read this), mark your calendars: Sunday, July 14th will be the party day. Yes, (awesome) invitations will follow…but we all plan so far in advance that I want to be sure you know!

Whew…yes, I skipped over the past few weeks and there are other more detailed happenings at each one of our weekend adventures, but at least we got the gist of it down.

Other updates: A CHOPPED her hair. What a shock it was to see her this morning…it’s to her chin. She looks so grown up!

J is now saying: “all done” (sort of…but you can definitely make it out). Still not sleeping through the night, but we are getting longer bouts of rest (most of the time). He can also stand and balance himself if you hold one of his hands. Oh, and how can I forget to mention the “hillbilly” smile…no offense whatsoever to any hillbilly’s out there. He has his two bottom front teeth. He has ONE of his top fronts..and instead of the other front tooth popping through, the one to the side of his front tooth has broken through. It’s hilarious.

We’ve got a Memorial Day BBQ planned for tomorrow and I have more job interviews lined up for Tuesday. I PROMISE there will not be such a long break until the next post! (tired yet?)

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