The first “real” Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. As many of you know, I have been lucky enough to have a little girl in my life since she was 7 months old. Now, she is a happy, soccer-playing, smart, level-headed, 7-year-old. Many times she acts/thinks far beyond her years.

Over these past 7 years, I have received lovely cards, hugs, smiles, pictures, candles, and tons of gratitude from both little miss and Husband for being her “mom.” And even though she is not biologically mine, she always has been my daughter.

Just because I didn’t play a role with how she came to be, that does not change how I have helped raise her or the fact that I worry about her, care about her, and love every ounce of her as if she were my own. But, with each Mother’s Day, I have always felt almost as if experiencing it as a third party. It’s hard to explain, but I never thought much about it. Yes, I consider her my daughter and me, a mom to her…but that’s just what I did. That’s the role I’ve played. I never expected any sort of appreciation or acknowledgement for that.

Mmmm....breakfast in bed and HOT coffee.
Mmmm….breakfast in bed and HOT coffee.

This year though was my first “real” Mother’s Day. And it’s funny…when Husband asked me what I “wanted,” it was simple. I wanted to sleep. I wanted to sleep in, eat breakfast without having to rush, and to enjoy my cup of coffee while it was still hot…not needing to be nuked a million times like every other morning because I get distracted or pulled away from it’s goodness.

Husband & Little Man grocery shopping
Husband & Little Man grocery shopping

But Husband went above and beyond, as he always does. He knows me so well and knows that it is the little things that mean the most. He took little man out grocery shopping at 7 a.m.  Do you know how awesome that was? Not only did he menu plan for the week and do the grocery shopping, which is a chore in itself, but it allowed for me to have a QUIET house while snoozing. Quiet. No screams, cries, squeals, or giggles. Yes, these are normally lovely sounds in my home…but since becoming a “real” mom, I have spidey-senses. I can hear J no matter where he is in the house…even if he is playing quietly, I’m aware.

With them out of the house…ahhh…peace and quiet. It was glorious.

To top off my day, A got there around 1, we all napped (well, A and I did…yay for more sleeping). I got the BEST cards from Husband and the kids (even J scribbled on one). We proceeded to make “MOM” sugar cookies, and my little family cooked me supper AND did the dishes. It was the PERFECT day. I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful, loving Husband and fantastic kids.

I hope you Mom’s all had a wonderful day and were spoiled the way you needed. It was just what I needed and a great way to wrap up the weekend!

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