Hold on to your butts….

First time in the swing at the park
First time in the swing at the park

That is seriously my favorite line from a movie. Ever. If you can’t place it, it’s from Jurassic Park.

Anywho…SORRY for the massive hiatus! Seems I’ve been super busy (even more so) being unemployed, than I have been with a job. So, WARNING: This is going to be a doozie of an update…so you can make the decision now to continue, or to just gaze at the cuteness to your left. Continue reading “Hold on to your butts….”

The first “real” Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. As many of you know, I have been lucky enough to have a little girl in my life since she was 7 months old. Now, she is a happy, soccer-playing, smart, level-headed, 7-year-old. Many times she acts/thinks far beyond her years.

Over these past 7 years, I have received lovely cards, hugs, smiles, pictures, candles, and tons of gratitude from both little miss and Husband for being her “mom.” And even though she is not biologically mine, she always has been my daughter.

Just because I didn’t play a role with how she came to be, that does not change how I have helped raise her or the fact that I worry about her, care about her, and love every ounce of her as if she were my own. But, with each Mother’s Day, I have always felt almost as if experiencing it as a third party. It’s hard to explain, but I never thought much about it. Yes, I consider her my daughter and me, a mom to her…but that’s just what I did. That’s the role I’ve played. I never expected any sort of appreciation or acknowledgement for that.

Mmmm....breakfast in bed and HOT coffee.
Mmmm….breakfast in bed and HOT coffee.

This year though was my first “real” Mother’s Day. And it’s funny…when Husband asked me what I “wanted,” it was simple. I wanted to sleep. I wanted to sleep in, eat breakfast without having to rush, and to enjoy my cup of coffee while it was still hot…not needing to be nuked a million times like every other morning because I get distracted or pulled away from it’s goodness. Continue reading “The first “real” Mother’s Day”

My body is conspiring against me.

As I mentioned in an earlier post about the boob juice, breastfeeding certainly has not been the easiest thing for me. But, I’ve been bound and determined to make it work. Yes, it’s the best thing for your little one, but it is also the economical choice.

When I was pregnant with little man, I had my mind made up. My goal was to make it to a year. And with each passing month day, it has been a struggle. For those of you who have breastfed, or are the partner of someone who has, or been a supporter, you probably have witnessed just how difficult it is. Continue reading “My body is conspiring against me.”

Wheezy – the missing 8th dwarf.

Looking so serious
Looking so serious

Ok…although he is not technically a dwarf, he is little. But…he’s a baby so that is to be expected.

For family and friends: it is no surprise that the J-ster has had a rough winter. We battled cold after cold after cold. We’ve suffered through fevers and RSV, so when he became a snot-factory again and the cough began for the millionth time, we didn’t stress. We know what to watch for with RSV. In case you are interested: watch how baby breathes. If his breath becomes hollow and his chest is rising (as opposed to his diaphragm, call the doc.). If his nostrils flare when breathing (meaning he is struggling to get breath, get to the doc). So I watch his nose. I watch his lungs. Yada yada yada. Basically, I don’t want to pay the doctor to tell me these things by taking him in.

Well, the cough has been getting worse. He’s super gunky and he was starting to sound a bit wheezy to me. So, on Thursday, Husband made him an appointment in the morning and we went in.

The doctor came in, took a listen, and agreed with Mama Bear. He sounded wheezy to him too. So for the second time, J got to meet “Sammy the Seal” – the baby nebulizer. He wasn’t a fan but we managed. Now he’s on a steroid to clear up the gunk. Hopefully it lasts. Husband and I both have allergies so I’m sure he’s suffering from that as well.

On the positive side: Happy 10 months Mr. Man!! Oh, and he’s pumped: we had taken down the Johnny Jump Up because we thought we were reaching the weight max (24 lbs.). Well, our little man continues to be a peanut…he’s tipping the scale at 18.15 lbs. So, the jumper is back up and he couldn’t be happier!


I’ve had an epiphany. It’s funny how having a baby changes someone. Yes, it changes your


 life drastically in the more obvious areas: if you had a very active “going out” life, once baby comes…that changes. Your financials change.

I have changed.

Pre-baby, I was really focused on my job. I had a great job pre-baby..I loved my job. But even before he was born, I was looking for a change. I was ready for a challenge. I accepted a new job after maternity leave with a completely new company outside of my comfort zone. I wanted that challenge. What I didn’t realize at the time was that what I really wanted was to be with J.

6-months later and as of Monday afternoon…I am unemployed. The job was not the right fit for me. I have been looking for the past three-ish weeks for something else. Continue reading “Unemployed.”