Damn “Dada”

Jude's First Easter
J’s First Easter

Babies are lucky they are so cute. J now has three teeth (the top one finally broke through…woohoo!).

Know what sucks? That the first word tends to be “Dada.” Yeah, I get it…easier to say. HOWEVER, that does not take away from the fact that “Mama” does 90% of the work.


So, he’s started with “Hi Dada.” And, at times it also sounds like he’s saying “Yep.” Very cute…still far from “Mama.”

I guess I should just be happy that he knows who I am and still gets overly excited at the sight of me. And, if you say, “where’s Mama?” he starts scanning the room until he finds me. That’s a plus.

We will still work on saying “Mama” and hopefully it’ll come soon. Still no crawling yet but he is starting to scoot his butt around and put his leg under like he is going to crawl…until he figures out what he’s done, gets freaked out, and starts crying.

Even though I was not his first word, I still pinch myself that he is my son. He has such a funny personality already and is growing so fast. I’m hoping that time slows down just a smidge so that I can savor these little memories.

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