Held Hostage…with cookies.

Notice how life so conveniently gets in the way?

Well, I’m a horrible friend and have been keeping my friend Ashley‘s “magic sleep suit” that she let J borrow hostage. I suck.

Back story:

Ashley and I met in college where we sang together. She now has two adorable kids (that you can read about at her blog which is linked to above…go there, it’s good stuff!). Her son is about a month older than J. Well, thanks to the powers of social media, us moms/friends get to share our woes about our littles. My little was not sleeping. He’s better now…but still not sleeping through the night. Ashley let me know about the “magic sleep suit” and how it helped her little guy. Not consistently, but on the times he would wear it, she could get a good snooze stretch. I was desperate to try anything. At the time, the J-ster was up ever 1.5 to 2 hours. ROUGH.

Well, we tried it…and although it was super cute and he looked like an astronaut, it didn’t help. It’s okay though, it was worth a shot and like I said, it’s getting better…

So, I’ve been holding the sleep suit hostage now since the end of JANUARY. It’s the end of APRIL. I suck.

To make it up to my momma friend, I decided to bake her some cookies! Who doesn’t like sweets! Now when she opens the package (spoiler alert if you are reading this Ashley, there are cookies in there!), there will be some yummy goodness. The trick to making her cookies: she is both gluten and dairy free because her wee ones are sensitive to it. I am not gf/df but wanted to find something good, easy, and show my gratitude for stealing her sleep suit for all of this time.

Have you ever tried to do gf/df baking? Well, there are lots of recipes and [most] require lots of ingredients that I didn’t have on hand. But, I found a great recipe here and decided to give it a go! Luckily, we have some close friends who are vegan and had the flax I needed to make this work without investing in a ton of new ingredients!

So here we go: three ingredient peanut butter cookies (hopefully there are no nut allergies!)

You will need:

1 cup sugar

1 cup peanut butter

1 flax egg (1 tablespoon of flax meal mixed w/ 3 tablespoons water)

Letting the flax "gel"
Letting the flax “gel”

(1) Make the flax egg and let it gel up a bit

(2) Add the ingredients together in a bowl

(3) STIR =) Keep going until it seems dough-like

(4) Roll into balls and put on a baking sheet w/ foil & some spray

(5) Smoosh with fork

(6) Bake @ 350 for about 10ish minutes depending on your stove

(7) LET COOL. One had to be tested…and I was super impatient so I tried it while it was still warm. Well, it crumbled all over the place. Very un-cookie like. I was nervous that it wasn’t going to have the right consistency.

Add ingredients together
Add ingredients together
Pretty fork design
Pretty fork design

Well, after letting them cool completely, another one needed to be tested. And, yay! It tasted like a peanut butter cookie!

So, I hope you enjoy Ashley…sorry that I held the sleep suit hostage for so long!

2 thoughts on “Held Hostage…with cookies.

  1. Thank you so much!! Haha- Don’t worry- we haven’t needed the suit (although Simon isn’t sleeping through the night, either… ugh!) but I AM looking forward to cookies! You’re the best! You can borrow whatever you want, anytime!

    1. 🙂 I must say, they actually taste like cookies! Hope you all like them (if you decide to share, that is). Thanks again for letting me borrow that and sorry it took 47 years to get it back to you!

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