The Boob Juice Debate

Dear J,

Someday I hope that you can look back at this and read about all of the fun/quirky/exciting things of your childhood. But, today, I’m going to talk about the boob juice. I’m sure your teenage-self will get embarrassed, but get over yourself…it’s a fact of life, and you’re welcome for giving you nourishment. =)

xoxo, the Mamma.Image

Now, with that said…I find it humorous, frustrating, enlightening and empowering that there is still such a debate over breastfeeding. I love the fact that more women are being educated and encouraged to breastfeed. I love that even if mommas can’t for one reason or another, there are milk donor programs out there that can still give baby what is best. That’s pretty awesome.

Breastfeeding has been one of the MOST DIFFICULT things I have ever done in my life. EVER. Did I mention that it’s hard? Because it is. Yes, it does get easier, but I still have my struggles. But, here we are at little man being 9-months and we are still going strong.

The biggest debate that still seems to circulate is about breastfeeding in public. To each his own, but I can see both sides of it. Many people support breastfeeding mamma’s but don’t want to see a boob whipped out in public….so is that really supporting it? I found a man’s perspective on breastfeeding in public here that seriously had me laughing out loud…I highly recommend that you read it. Or, if you are too lazy/busy he is basically more concerned for the woman’s uneaten breakfast than the fact that she is nursing her wee one at the coffee shop. Ha! It still makes me giggle.

My thought on breastfeeding in public: do what you will. My personal opinion and take on the matter is this – I never “whipped it out” in front of anyone (my mamma/husband/A aside). I was always covered. This was a mutual respect I had for myself and for visitors. I didn’t want others to feel awkward or uncomfortable in my home. Yes, my home, my rules, my life, but I also didn’t want to be bare-boobed in front of them – for my own modesty and the fact that I didn’t have the urge to flash them pre-baby.

Plus, it was for such a short time that I could actually nurse J downstairs (covered) when friends were visiting. Not due to embarrassment…but the simple (and sometimes annoying) fact that the kid just CANNOT CONCENTRATE. I have to remove him from the room just so it’s quiet so he can do what he needs to get done instead of ripping my nipple off (sorry for the visual) every time he hears something. Ouch. Plus – if he’s covered he wants to rip or kick off whatever is covering him. That’s always a fun.

To all my fellow mamas who are still nursing their wee ones, keep up the great work!

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