What is happening?

The bombings yesterday at the Boston Marathon literally make me sick to my stomach. What is wrong with people? I feel nauseous for the families and the victims. My heart breaks for them.

How are we supposed to raise our children in a society like this? My daughter is almost 8 and the thought of that poor family that lost their 8-year-old son brings me to tears. I cannot imagine the tremendous loss they are feeling and how such a joyous day, in the blink of an eye, so many lives were ruined…not just those who were there, but their families, friends, and the rest of us.

Alyx had heard a snippet and asked me about it on our way home last night. I am trying my hardest to protect her innocence and let her be a kid. Unfortunately she hears way too much and is told way too much (in my opinion). In our household, we cherish her and try to get her to focus on being a kid and having a fun….leave the grown-up stuff to the grown-ups. I told her that there are mean people in this world that sometimes do awful things. She seemed content with that and went back to playing her game and babbling with her brother.

She tried to ask us about it again last night, asking why there are people who do mean things…she tries so hard to be older than her years. She wants to know what’s going on. Although I believe in not “babying” her, she gets so consumed in negativity sometimes and is easily wrapped in drama. When she is in our home, we focus on the positive and building a loving, nurturing household.

I choose to not live our lives in fear. I want my kids to experience as many things as possible, but I can’t help but have this pit in my stomach when tragedies such as this occurs. So, I hugged my kids tightly last night, gave extra kisses, and snuggled both as long as they’d let me. Fortunately for my kids, they get this kind of love and affection every night, not just in the wake of a trauma. I did sneak in an extra kiss to each after they were sleeping because I am lucky enough to be able to.

To my dear babies J and A: there are some terrible people in this world that do unspeakable things. I don’t understand why they do and I don’t expect that I ever will. It is up to the two of you to be the best people you can be. Be kind. Be smart. Be the people that help. Be focused on making yourselves happy, loving others, and show respect to yourself and the people around you. Keep your eyes and ears open and know that you can always come to us with any question or problem that you have. Know that Daddy and I love you fully and want you to be able to experience that kind of love in your life that makes you happiest. We love you.

Did your kids ask/hear about it? How do you handle the “tough” questions about the world?

2 thoughts on “What is happening?

  1. My little guy, almost 5, saw a quick snippet on television as we were skimming through the channels. He made a statement about their being explosions but didn’t ask any questions. I confirmed his statement and told him that he didn’t need to worry about that. He’s so young, he moved right on. I think you are right on about the 7/8 year olds being a little more caught up with these tough situations. They are more in tune and concerned, Noah is almost 8 and isn’t with us this week, but I’m sure this worries him. Hopefully he’ll talk to us about it when we get him back and my reply will be the same as to Elijah. I’m hoping he hasn’t learned anymore about the incident other than the fact that there were explosions.

    1. We have split time with Alyx too, and as I’m sure you can relate, it’s hard to make sure that the messaging stays consistent. She has such an active imagination (a great thing!) but it can sometimes be a bit overly dramatic. But, what 7-year-old girl isn’t dramatic! Example, this morning at my office she didn’t want to take the elevator (we were taking the stairs anyways) because she was worried that it would break, fall, and she would die. Who thinks of this stuff?!?!! Oh, I guess I need to thank a teacher for that one that shares stories like this (awesome, I know).

      We limit TV time at our house with her to push imagination, creation, and family time…hopefully we can keep her a kid for a while longer…until 20 or so? =)

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