Holy hell.

I am SO thankful that our little ones do not remember the pain and frustration (on both parts) that comes with teething. Mr. Man has his two lower teeth, but we are currently working on one of his front top teeth. It is swollen. It is purplish-reddish. It is ALMOST there…pointy and looking downright uncomfortable and painful.

Damn teeth.

Painful buggers

We need them…but the process of getting them is no walk in the park. And, we still have 47 to go with J….okay, I know it’s not that much, but seriously, it feels like it.

Last night was a rough one. Lots of pain. Lots of tears. Lots of mama snuggle time (from 1:15 to 2:15ish a.m.).

Oh, and you know how “they” (the doctor-folk) who “say” that there are no side-effects with teething? I say that’s bull. Like clockwork, if J has some rumbling, he becomes a snotty mess with a fever. This results in my poor coworkers seeing me with crusty shoulders because does J let me wipe his nose? NOPE…mama’s shoulder works MUCH better than any hanky would.

Did your babes have any side effects? What are your tried and true teething relief methods? We rock the Tylenol, Hyland’s Teething Tablets, frozen things…and last night he was gnawing on a carrot.

3 thoughts on “Teething.

  1. Yes!! Fevers with every. single. tooth.
    After surviving the teething of 4 children I have learned a few things.

    1) Tylenol Sucks. I switched to Motrin. I loved Motrin. A lot of Moms give a dose before the baby goes to bed, usually around 7-8pm. Then wake up to a screaming baby at 3 am when the Motrin dose has worn off. I snuggled them to sleep without the Motrin, gave a dose right before I went to sleep, at 10-11 and got to sleep until a more natural waking hour. They never woke up while receiving that late night dose either! Slept right through it.

    2) Frozen Corn cobs, while rather redneckish, work wonders during the day! Cut off the actual kernels and use them in dinner. Freeze the cobs for baby. The sweet juices left behind on the cob will keep him gnawing on that sucker for an hour, and the cold will obviously ease the pain.

    3) You had braces right? Remember how it made your whole face hurt when they had to be tightened? Even headaches sometimes! A little massage on his face will feel awfully good during the most aching moments.

    4) Last but not least… Teething sucks! Moms hate it, babies hate it. I’m so glad we are through with it!

  2. GREAT IDEAS!! Thanks Cara! It’s horrible…I feel so bad for him! BUT, the good news is, I saw the top sliver of the tooth this morning! We’ve cut it through! Thank goodness.

    Downside..this makes tooth #3, so we have a LONG way to go! I’ll definitely be trying your tricks.

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