I broke myself.

I don’t know what I did…but I have managed to hurt my back. So bad that I can’t stand up straight or carry/lift J. Not good.

I know, I know….go to the doctor. But in my opinion, what are they going to tell me? Combo of heat/ice, ibuprofen and rest. Ok, thanks. Got it, check.

Normally this would just be a minor inconvenience. I’m fine if I’m sitting…but does J like to site with Mama? NO. Does J sit with Daddy? Yup! No problem! J can handle sitting with me for about 0.02 seconds before he wants to get up, walk around, see the world and discover new things. For the non-broken me…sure, Iet’s walk for ages. But now poor Mr. Man has to settle for Daddy walking with him and if he can see me, it just results in an angry baby.

Hopefully this clears up sooner rather than later. Luckily the weekend is coming up so (maybe) I can get some rest.

This is how I feel:

My back feels like J weighs the same as a college student. Fact.

Any tips/tricks I can try to heal my back AND still have quality time with the little man?

5 thoughts on “I broke myself.

  1. I hurt my back a few years ago (like before I had kids kind of few) while serving at a pub. OUCH!! I did a lot of stretching while in a hot shower letting the hot water pour down my back while bending over and touching toes. I kept sinking deeper into the stretch with every hot shower. Lots of ibuprofen of course, and one of those icy hot patches…. What are those called? It took a couple of weeks to get that crick outta my back but it did go away, I did work through it carrying heavy food trays, and it hasn’t happened since! Good luck!!
    FYI: Fresh raw ginger and apple cider vinegar mixed with honey can be very helpful in relieving joint problems. Our back has many little nooks and crannies that these home remedy items can be helpful in treating. I take 1 tablespoon of vinegar mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey every morning and night for my health!

    1. Great advice! Thanks! Yes, I’d like to try to waste the money going to the doctor…

      I’ve been rocking the ThermaCare Heat wrap thing. It’s helping but I must also admit that I am not the most patient person when it comes to this sort of thing….

      I’ll have to try the stretches/hot shower combo!

  2. Acupuncture! I hate needles and you have already given birth so you could handle it. A friend of mine goes to a great one in Bangor and I can get you the name. Its amazing how a few little, strategically placed needles can do so much good. A coworker has back issues, started going and loves it!

    1. Oooh, good idea. I did make an appointment with a Chiropractor that my MIL suggested…it’s on Tuesday though which seems like a year away.

      Have you done acupuncture before? Yeah, I’m not the biggest fan of needles either…

      1. I started when I got a half off deal and go every month. It doesn’t seem as evasive as snap, crack and popping yourself but I think its amazing! Getting all of my lab work for pregnancy has been WAY worst than any acupuncture sessions I have had.

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