The thing that most working moms don’t admit to out loud…

Who can resist that face?

I’m about to admit to something that us “sick and twisted” working moms will probably agree with.

Although I have not had a full-night’s sleep in 9-months, I actually like (dare I say love) getting up with Mr. Man in the night. Crazy, right?

Let me explain….

I work full-time; 8 – 4:30 every day. Monday through Friday. Day In. Day Out.

What this means for my wee one: he gets “mommy time” in the morning and before he goes to bed. During the day…as he’s growing and learning, someone else gets to experience that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful and fortunate to have a job. But there is a part of me that feels guilty about working. I sometimes get jealous of SAHMs out there that get to be with their kiddos all day. I’m sure they sometimes feel the opposite of just wanting to get out of the house. Grass isn’t always greener, I get that.

And Mr. Man…he’s a momma’s boy. I love that he loves me so much and gets SO excited to see me…even if I have just left the room for a minute.

So when he cries out for me in the night to nurse…I welcome that. It’s quiet. It’s just he and I. There is no work to get to…no dishes to be done. The house is asleep and he is nestled in my arms. Even after he’s fallen back to sleep, I will still rock with him…back and forth, back and forth. Sometimes upwards of a half an hour or more. I just listen to his breath and wish that I could just sit like that forever.

Now, I feel like that 99.9% of the time. Generally, he only cries out for a brief moment until he is snuggled up to me…then quiet and content. And, he usually only awakens 1 to 2 times per night.

The other.1% of the time….you know those nights….when he’s up every hour…inconsolable….those are the nights I am not as thrilled.

And, in those hard nights I am reciting the line from the book “Go the f@$k to sleep.” Oh, and in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice too. Are you a working parent and can relate? Want  to hear the story, as read by Mr. Jackson?

3 thoughts on “The thing that most working moms don’t admit to out loud…

  1. I just got “the lecture” at Lylah’s 9 month checkup that it may be a week of crying when we put her to sleep in her crib but doing this at nine months will be easier than say at 15 months or 19 months. I said “I know, I know. I’m working on it.” And so every day I say okay tonight’s the night she is going down in her crib But after she’s been asleep in my arms for an hour I just don’t want to lay her down and she wakes up crying and scared because she’s not laying next to me 😦

    1. I hear you! I do the same thing with Jude! We do put him into his crib at night…but wait until he is asleep/so super drowsy so that he falls right asleep. If he wakes, it’s a lot of “shushing” and butt-patting to get him to drift off.

      With this back issue, it’s been me nursing then getting Husband to do a swift motion of off me and into crib…still don’t have the rhythm down on that one.

      I don’t believe in cry-it-out, so we will just work at his pace…I mean, he’ll sleep through the night & on his own by high school, right?!?! 🙂

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