Want to see the $100 fish?


Oh, you can’t see them? Maybe it has something to do with my crappy picture?

Ok, let me be clear…the fish did not cost us $100…It was all of their “accessories.”

Meet Dot, Spot, Goldie, and Coral. Yes, the four fish that my daughter A so lovingly picked out yesterday at our local PetCo. Why did we spend $100 for fish goodies? Well, last Sunday as we were still high on overeating at Easter and spending time with family, A’s FOUR YEAR OLD FISH (yes, you read that right…the fish, which had been with friends for two years and gave to A two years ago) had died. Ahh, poor Sparkle Fish Rainbow is no more. A was crushed. Worst. Easter. Ever. (we all just marveled at the fact that the stinkin’ fish lived for so long!)

So we told her that this Sunday (yesterday) she could get some new fish. Husband did some research because the tank we had was old and wanted something with a better filter. “Oh hunny, they have tanks for about $30 bucks, no problem…this’ll be great,” says Husband. (famous last words).

As we are hunting around PetCo, A wants every fish she sees and is instantly bummed that she can’t have the salt water ones which are super cool. She finally decides on two spotted ones (called Dalmatian something-or-others) and two little goldish-yellowish fish that were in the same tank as the spotted ones.

Oh, and those $30 buck tanks…no where to be found. These particular buggers needed one with a heater…they are needy. Although we only went for the fish, we walked out with:

– 4 fish

– Tank that came with all of the geegaws: filter, food, water conditioner, that little green mesh fish-getter-outer thing, and heater.

– new rocks (20 lbs worth) for the bottom of the tank

– new plants

– a jar looking thing (as seen in the picture above) that A picked out to give the fish “something to do.”

My wallet is hurting but my daughter is thrilled. She has new fish that she has named (as well as writing down how to distinguish between them). She even cleaned her bookshelf (and the rest of her room) to make space for the upgraded tank. Plus she has rocked it on her report card all year. Small (well not really when you’re on a budget) price to pay for childhood happiness.

UPDATE: Dot died. Yup, damn fish lasted a total of 6 hours. Will be making another trip to PetCo to replace. This time it should only cost me $3. We shall see…

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