Hypocritical Parenting.

The J-ster

Did you have it all planned out? How you were going to be a parent?

Of course, you would draw in things that you liked about your childhood with some minor twists of things that you’d like to change/add.

I had it all figured out.

And because I am stubborn (don’t tell my husband that I’m admitting to that), there are several things that I have stuck too…and others that were thrown out the window the second Mr. Man came home.

What has stayed:

(1) The boob juice. I was DETERMINED that I was going to breastfeed. Yes, a lot of it had to do with the health benefits, bonding and blah blah blah. But let’s be honest. It is also the most economical choice (if you can..I know that many women are unable to for one reason or another). Seriously though, have you seen the price of formula?!?!?! Our budget is already at max-capacity and if I could make the boob juice work, that is what we were going to do. Now, here we are, 9 months later and still going strong!

(2) Homemade Baby Food. I love to cook. I love the love that goes into it. I also love that I know exactly what is (and what isn’t) being put into that cute little belly. So, since he is now on solids, everything he eats has been made by me…and sometimes my husband…but more often than not it really is our steamer. It’s worked out great! We cook a bunch on Sundays, put it into ice cube trays, freeze and we have lots of food for weeks that is better for him, no preservatives, and costs less than the little jars of “food.”

What was thrown out the window:

I was the one that said, “I will never be bringing that baby to bed.” This was also followed (frequently) by, “I can’t imagine why anyone would bring their child to sleep in the parents bed…that’s just crazy talk!” Well, I’ve had the crazy-person’s Kool-Aid. Yup, Mr. Man has somehow managed his cute little butt into our bed 98.5% of the time since birth. I don’t know how he does it…considering he doesn’t walk yet.

(2) Whoops, just realized I didn’t number the other one. I think it’s safe to say everyone is following along okay? Anywho…the controversial topic of blankets and bumpers. I was well versed in what not to do: no blankets on the baby. No bumpers in the bed. Absolutely NO sleeping on the stomach! Well, the little man was born on the 4th of July. It was hot. He was in our room with the air conditioner and he got cold. Needless to say, he has (since birth) slept with at least one blanket on…and we’ve always had the bumper in the crib. Oh yeah, and he’s a belly sleeper too (although that wasn’t from the get-go).

Funny how quickly our ideals or “plans” of how we are going to parent changes the moment we meet them.

Do you find yourself being hypocritical about your parenting style?

5 thoughts on “Hypocritical Parenting.

  1. As the mother of teenagers it’s hard to keep track of all the great intentions that have gone by the wayside. I believe it started with “I will never use the television as a babysitter” and “I will never bribe my children to behave”, and went steadily south from there. Oh well!

    1. Ha ha, yes, we’ve said those too! It’s funny how quickly we change our minds when faced with a “crisis.” “They” say no TV until 2-years-old..yah, whoops. Sorry about that, we’ve broken that rule too.

  2. I planned to make my parenting plan as we went along. I didn’t care what books said, what friends said, or what family said. I would do it my way, and since my parents raised me (and I think I maybe turned out OK?) I knew I couldn’t completely FAIL. 🙂
    The bumpers went in the day my child got their chunky leg stuck in between the bars in the middle of the night. Try calming a baby down after that!
    When we didn’t blend up whatever it was the grown ups were eating for dinner I always “jazzed” up the plain jarred food. I was determined to have good eaters that enjoyed tons of different flavors and spices. I actually had a Mom scoff at me over adding herbs and spices to my babies food… Uh really? Because allergies to garlic powder are so common these days…
    I wasn’t much of a bed sharer. I slept like crap when I tried to bring a baby to bed, and they always slept real well in their cribs in their rooms. Half the time they rolled onto their tummies!!! (GASP!)
    My kids have lived through all of my “mistakes” or “Mommy needs a flippin break” tricks. Most of their injuries come from their own actions!
    Kids give us enough to worry about. We shouldn’t live our lives being afraid of everything we do because of the “what ifs”. Just do what works!

    1. Too funny Cara!
      I really think that my bedsharing comes in part of being lazy…he goes to bed in his crib (where he is as we speak), and stays there after the 9:30 nursing session…but once we hit the wee-morning-hour nursing session, that’s when the little man finds his way into our room. I’m too tired! It’s my way of extra snuggles, some sleep and he can still nurse! A win for us all (well, sort of…I get lots of rib kicks).

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