Here goes nothing…

I’m a horrible mom.

The kiddos
The kiddos

Not in the sense you are probably thinking. I wholeheartedly love my kids. However, I am not the mom that is able to keep up with documenting every sliver of growth/change/development. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always had good intentions…the follow-through has been sub-par.

So welcome to ‘The Frazzled Life.’ This is my attempt to document life for my kids. I’m being selfish. I want to be able to look back and be able to read about all of the “little” things. Yes, the big milestones are important, but so are the everyday goings-on. Life is moving so fast and this is my attempt to slow down and breathe during this hectic life of ours.

When A (my now, 7-going-on-15 stepdaughter) was a baby, I tried to document her early life into a baby book. Great intentions, but that fell to the wayside after getting through the first page where I wrote her birth day, weight, height etc. What happened to me? When I was younger I was all about scrapbooking. I am envious of all of you moms who are so diligent about keeping up with everything! How do you do it??

Today marks a change. Today my son J is 9-months old. The fact that this little being has already enriched our lives within nine short months is just astounding. So, to my dear boy, I will try to do better. Again, I started the baby book in between naps when home on maternity leave…but now that I’m back in the workforce, your book sits sad on the shelf.

And so folks, there you have it. The Frazzled Life.

3 thoughts on “Here goes nothing…

  1. Lisa this is exactly how my blog got started 2 years ago. Now it is a money making food blog! I just recently switched from to so am having to build my subscribers back up. 😦 If you are ever interested in switching to Self Hosted blogging (gives you much more control and unlimited space) I know the best youtube tutorial! Takes you step by step and teaches you so much! I also have a friend over at that designs blog logos if you are in need of one! Hope you enjoy your journey through blogging! Be sure to stop by sometime!

  2. This is why I blog, too! Enjoy keeping track of your craziness. I can’t believe Alyx is seven. These kids are getting so old. Thank goodness we’re still so young and incredibly good looking.

    1. Super good looking! Ha! Yeah, Alyx will be 8 in July and that blows my mind….she was only 7 months old when we started dating. It’s weird how fast they grow up yet we stay the same age!

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